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Spike University

SPIKE UNIVERSITY provides opportunities for adults and youth throughout New England to learn, compete and love the sport of beach volleyball. SpikeU is an organization that grows and graduates youth and young adult beach volleyball players toward:


Recruited to a national division 1 beach volleyball team


Advancing volleyball skills for elite beach tournament competition


Improving indoor volleyball skills using the very rigorous beach experience


Whether you want to learn beach volleyball for fun, compete or become a world tour player, SPIKE-U is for you. 

Owner & Tournament Director Melanie Gerrior

Phone: 603.325.7149

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Why Beach Volleyball?

Do you want to become a more complete volleyball player? Would you like to be a better passer? Develop better ball control? Improve your defense? Become a more effective and dynamic attacker? Do you want to return to the gym in the fall moving faster, jumping higher and playing with greater agility than you ever did before? If any of these results sound good to you then you should play beach volleyball!

The beach game is GREAT for improving your indoors kills/game. Whatever your weaknesses are, you get to work on them a ton . Unlike the 6 person game, you touch the ball in every rally, and with just two of you covering the court, you learn to read and anticipate much better. Dealing with the sun and wind helps you be more adaptable. Player height is less important outdoors – ball control and skill is more important. . . . Most top level coaches encourage their players to play as much as they can on the  beach . . . .”

John Kessel, USA Volleyball Director of Education , Grassroots , Disabled & Beach Volleyball.

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Spike University, LLC  

18 Loudon Road #2642,

Concord, NH 03302